Elementary Program 1st to 5th Grades

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Our writing program reflects a balance between content which demonstrates critical thinking and punctuation to clarify meaning. Writing experiences will include opinion pieces, informative texts and narratives. Students will collaborate with peers on research producing and publishing writing.


Math begins with “hands-on” learning through discovery.  The concepts include numeration, computation, problem solving, fractions, graphing, measurement, long division and algebraic equations.


Geography and History include the study of civilizations, continents, countries which include flags, people, cultures and geographic features of each country.  History will begin with a Time-line. Art is incorporated with Geography. 


The intent of the Spanish program is exposure to language and culture as a means for “communicative competence” thereby forming a bridge to the child’s multi-cultural perspective and understanding.


Language includes comprehensive spelling curriculum, word study, parts of speech, creative writing and research skills.  Children will be introduced to poetry, folk tales, non-fiction, and classic literature.   Student leveled Ready GEN Reading Program complements the curriculum.


Botany and zoology encompass a wide field of biological study.  Classification of plant and animal kingdoms are widely discussed. Children begin to research on their own using their knowledge of specific plants and animal species.


After the child has explored forms and shapes, they are invited to understand figures and details.  Hands-on experience in learning the concepts which include types and positions of lines, angles, congruence, symmetry and equivalency.