Extracurricular Activities

The school curriculum can be distinguished by the following areas

As a Montessori School, we view education as an aid to life. Our teachers are internationally certified in the Montessori Method of education with a combined experience of over twenty six years.


Our Music program at the Academy of Montessori International introduces musical experiences through rhythm, songs, instrumentation, music notation, dance and drama. Students will be exposed to various genres of music while constructing a strong foundation for their musical future.

We understand that through music, the student’s cognitive abilities are fine tuned allowing them to embrace their academic experiences with enjoyment and productivity.


Maria Montessori believed that the best time in a child’s life to learn a second, third, or fourth language is in the preschool and kindergarten years, “the absorbent mind” stage of human development.

At the Academy of Montessori International, Spanish is taught as an immersion program. Spanish is not only learned in Spanish class, but throughout the day as well. We sing, hold classroom conversations, and give classroom directives in Spanish.


Stretch-n-Grow, the world’s largest network of children’s fitness professionals is your school’s choice for fitness & nutrition education. Our objective is to improve the level of fitness in your children and teach them the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and the consequence of inactivity. Each class is designed to help children gain strength, cardiovascular wellness, improved motor development, spatial awareness and cognitive ability.